#SHRMTalent [ x ] Been There Rocked That.

IMG_4692 copyWe took the C5 team to SHRM’s Talent Management conference earlier this week and we rocked it.  When you have a software as a service (SAAS) business you rarely get to meet the people your customers, we met all the people behind the job postings and career pages.

We were sincerely grateful for the countless people who came by our booth to learn more about what do and what we are passionate about.  We were able to show them our new Text to Calendar functionality and how it would save them 4 to 5 hours per week in the scheduling back and forth.  We displayed our new Mobilegedden proof responsive career sites that can be created and launched in less than one hour.

We met with new partners, business contacts and bloggers. Overall, we stepping away from the office for a few days reinvigorated us and enables us to vet ideas for the features of the future.

Cheers to you Rebecca Orens #SHRMTalent see you next year.

Does Job Post Distribution Work Better Than Monster & CareerBuilder?

Does Job Posting Distribution Work Better Than Monster & CareerBuilder?

Long title, important subject for Small Businesses.  First, lets look at the background of the traditional job posting and job board.  If you are old enough (or shop at Whole Foods) you will remember a job posting board that appeared at the back of the store often near the bathrooms.  While this area was not great for your nose, it contained valuable community centric information and jobs.  I remember applying to a “bag boy” job at the local Lucky’s grocery store, I did not get the job.

Next in the 90’s “the monster board” showed up and enables businesses to post jobs online.  This was wildly successful and created an industry.  Next we had segmentation, geographic centric boards, occupation specific boards like Dice, job boards for college grads, seniors, military… however you sliced it there is a job board for you.  There are now more than 48,000 job sites tracked by the International Association of Employment Websites.

In the 2000’s job boards changed their business models and Indeed, Simply Hired and Juju were born.  Today they offer the ability to post jobs and only pay when a user clicks on a job.  LinkedIn, Facebook and Climber.com pointed out that networking is the way that most people get their jobs now.

So, where does that leave us?

The job space is complex and your ability to pick one or two job boards that will deliver the best candidates is like playing roulette.   You might hit some of the time, but you are are going to spend a lot of money and time guessing.

2008 came around as did job posting software and job distribution companies for Fortune 1000 companies.  They finally could let go of the tedium of posting jobs in dozens of place and tracking thousands of resume, what a great Enterprise Solution.  For $120,000 you got an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) thrown in, what a bargain.  About the same time, CatalystFive was launched for Recruiters to manage their jobs, candidates and social media.  About 3 years ago we started distributing jobs.  Last year we retooled 100% of our software widely expanded the sites we distribute to and added amazingly beautiful career sites for Small to Mid Sized Businesses.

When job distribution software works right, you post your job once and it reached the right job boards based upon the content and location of your job posting and sends it to the right boards.  But it does not stop there, it tracks hashtags and posts it to twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. It adds keywords for search engine optimization and enables your job to be emailed to passive candidates that are open to receiving job opportunities.   Candidates can view your at their house or on while they are waiting for their groceries to be bagged.

So instead of posting a job on your local board, Monster and Dice for $1,100 spend $129 and get it distributed in all forms and mediums that will deliver you the best candidate based upon real data.

Why Create a Beautiful Employment Brand?

  Everything around us is becoming better designed.  Businesses that introduce clunky products, have pour services or processes will have problems maintaining or growing their market share.  The cost and effort to create a well designed product or service has dropped to near zero in the last decade.  

Your employment brand and hiring process is no different.  Imagine you wanted to hire a great sales person and in the candidates discovery process they found that your sales tools were outdated and your marketing material had icons and clipart from the 80’s.  Worse there was no contact management system and the company did not believe in the use of cell phones. This sales person knows that their job is much harder, near impossible.  

Take a moment to look at your career page (if you have one) and ask yourself, is this helping or hurting your recruiting function.  Is it easy for the potential candidate to apply for the job?  Is the information accurate? Am I able to get an idea of the work environment, the management strategy and the company’s commitment to their community at large?   If your career site is effectively communicating these things it is making it difficult to hire.   

Most importantly, your top tier candidates that have the most choices will eliminate those companies that are not inline with their top tier qualifications based upon their interaction with your hiring process. 

Everything that your candidate sees influences their decision.  Your website, your location, the person that answers the phone and most importantly you.  This is exactly why we launched our Company Career Sites.  In 5 to 10 minutes you can have a beautiful employment brand that helps your recruiting function, not handicap it. 

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