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360x90 postings-com logoIt’s just that simple.  We are more focused than ever on being the best place online to post jobs.  We believe rebranding to will help our clients better understand what it is we actually do.  We know how to buy job postings that will deliver high quality candidates while saving you money using analytics. We will continue to offer best-in-class software to manage and communicate with candidates, while remaining compliant with federal EEOC and OFCCP laws.

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LinkedIn Company Pages – They’re Here

We have just completed the ability to post jobs and updates to not only a clients status feed but also their company page!  The posts look great and preform two important tasks.  They keep your LinkedIn company page looking fresh with great content and help attract passive candidates.   Do you manage two company pages on LinkedIn?  We give you the ability to choose which you wish to post to!

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We Win Again! Search Platform of the Year!

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With more and more job seekers turning to professional agencies to help them to find their next perfect role and, likewise, increasing numbers of businesses and organisations putting their trust in the hands of personnel placement specialists, things have never looked brighter for the worldwide recruitment industry.

The 2015 Recruitment Awards were all about recognising the tireless work carried out by the often-overlooked companies and individuals who play such a vital role in helping firms around the world to ensure that they employ only the brightest and best talent to help propel them forward. Throughout the programme, we sought to highlight and reward the achievements of the best consultants, recruiters and employment experts around the globe, without whom, many firms would be unable to find and place the people and skills that allow them to move forward.

These awards were given out on merit alone, meaning that only the most deserving firms, departments and individuals have been awarded. Each nomination received was subject to a rigorous and in-depth judging process, meaning that all successful nominees, yourself included, can be safe in the knowledge that they are truly among the very best in their field.…/the_recruitment_awards_2015