3 Reasons to Never Stop Recruiting

You started your business because you are passionate about what you do.  You talked to your friends and family about your idea and finally launched your business.  It was tough, took twice as long as you thought and sales are fought for in the trenches.  But you made it and it feels good.

Now it’s time to hire your next employee.  Is this when you should start recruiting? The answer is simply no.

You should always be recruiting. Recruiting should be part of your sales vernacular. 


Reason Number One: Your Next Customer Could be Your Next Employee

Part of recruiting is selling your business on a new potential employee.  They have to believe your story and believe they will be a good fit, have a secure job and ultimately be productive.  There are some people that already know your story and know you have a quality product or service.   These are your customers.

As a matter of fact, some of your best customers could become your best employees or a great referral source for employees.  Additionally, your best employees will be your best brand advocates and in doing so will help the business grow.  Social media and email blasts make hiring from your customers easy, send a tweet “Looking for our next great associate, who do you know?”

Reason Number Two: Grow as Fast as you Can Find Great People

It is damn hard to find the right person.  You need to start working on it now, and when you are done, start working on it again.  Growth, ideas, and passion comes from people who are hard to find, you need to be looking all the time.   Good to Great author Jim Collins said, “Great companies hire as fast as they can find great people.”  Keep in mind, this is not always when you need them.

Sometimes you might have a great person but no job.   “I can think of a dozen times over the years when I hired somebody based what they could do for me, rather that what the job required,” recounted Jana Danza, of Coastal Mailing Inc. “It always worked out.”    In order to identify more great people, you need to be looking more of the time!

Reason Number Three: Growth is a Great Story

People love to be part of a winning team.  Customers love to know that you are succeeding.  If you are always looking for great people to be added to your team, the underlying message is that you are growing.   Growth is good for your current employees too, it means more opportunity for advancement and pay increases.  For customers it means more products or services or continued investment in the company, product or services.  Either way people want to be part of a winning team.

Additionally,  your current employees are a great sources of referrals.  Ask for them, put a bonus on it and celebrate the hire.  The good news is that they are likely to out preform candidates from other sources.

Mike O’Brien – CEO CatalystFive.com


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