Fortune 1000 Companies Pay $75; Small Business Pays $300+

Small Business continue to struggle even in a rebounding economy.  One of the areas where they suffer do to simple inefficiencies and lack of quantity discounts is in talent acquisition through job postings.  The small business buys one or two job postings at a time and pays $ 300 to $400 per posting compared to the $65 to $75 that Large Businesses pay.   The key is that the Large Businesses are buying hundreds and in some cases thousands of job postings at a time.  Companies like Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and Dice offer deep discounts for Large Companies who make annual spending commitments.  While you can not fault a Large Companies for demanding and receiving deep discounts, it is time to level the playing field.

CatalystFive enables Small to Mid Sized Businesses the ability to lower the average cost per job posting by up to 75% and reach more unique niche job boards where top talent hides. Take a moment to watch our video!


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