[bigtext color=”red”]Normal Bigtext[/bigtext]

[hr /]

[bigtext bg=”true” font=”Open Sans”]WITH BACKGROUND[/bigtext]

[bigtext font=”Allura”]Choose any font from Google font[/bigtext]

[spacer /]

[pre][[bigtext color=”red”]Normal Bigtext[/bigtext]]
[[bigtext bg=”true” font=”Open Sans”]WITH BACKGROUND[/bigtext]]
[[bigtext font=”Allura”]Choose any font from Google font[/bigtext]][/pre]

[hr /]


Here’re parameters of this shortcode:

[list type=”plus”]

  • font: Select a font from Google font directory or leave blank to use default heading font
  • color: any color: red, blue, orange… or a custom color code such as #12dada. Default is black color.
  • bg: true or false. If set true, it returns a black background. Default is false.


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