Small Business vs. Big Business Hiring Infographic

Small businesses get the short end of the stick when it comes to hiring.   Small Businesses pay more for postings, up to 500% more and spend a lot more time posting job ads.  According to our annual survey, Small Business pay the asking rate for job postings on Monster and Career Builder.  They do not call in and are mostly unaware that you can buy job posting packs.    Additionally, nearly all Small Businesses owners  log in directly to job boards and manually cut and paste their job descriptions, enter their credit cards and check out.  The Small Business will post their job on 3 to 4 job boards, repeating this long error process each time.    Conversely, almost 100% of Large Businesses use job distribution software (like CatalystFive) to speed the process of targeting job boards and automatic posting.

Nearly all of Large Businesses have career sites, only 14% of Small Businesses do.   Large Businesses attract talent year round and maintain an employment brand that encourages candidates to engage with the company.  This enables Large Businesses to attract talent before they need it.   Conversely, Small Businesses respond only to current hiring needs and do not generally have a way to engage talent prior to posting jobs.

The numbers have not changed too much for 2015.

Enjoy our Infographic.


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