Why Create a Beautiful Employment Brand?

  Everything around us is becoming better designed.  Businesses that introduce clunky products, have pour services or processes will have problems maintaining or growing their market share.  The cost and effort to create a well designed product or service has dropped to near zero in the last decade.  

Your employment brand and hiring process is no different.  Imagine you wanted to hire a great sales person and in the candidates discovery process they found that your sales tools were outdated and your marketing material had icons and clipart from the 80’s.  Worse there was no contact management system and the company did not believe in the use of cell phones. This sales person knows that their job is much harder, near impossible.  

Take a moment to look at your career page (if you have one) and ask yourself, is this helping or hurting your recruiting function.  Is it easy for the potential candidate to apply for the job?  Is the information accurate? Am I able to get an idea of the work environment, the management strategy and the company’s commitment to their community at large?   If your career site is effectively communicating these things it is making it difficult to hire.   

Most importantly, your top tier candidates that have the most choices will eliminate those companies that are not inline with their top tier qualifications based upon their interaction with your hiring process. 

Everything that your candidate sees influences their decision.  Your website, your location, the person that answers the phone and most importantly you.  This is exactly why we launched our Company Career Sites.  In 5 to 10 minutes you can have a beautiful employment brand that helps your recruiting function, not handicap it. 

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