Would you fill out your company’s tax return by hand?

Screenshot 2015-01-27 17.18.43Can you imagine filling out your business’ taxes by hand? Or adding up your sales with a calculator from paper receipts?  For a second, think about how much more work life would be without Quickbooks or TurboTax?

It is no different when it comes to hiring your next employee to help grow your business.   However, most small and mid-sized businesses are stuck in the pre-digital ages when it comes to hiring.  Did you know that 92% of small and mid sized businesses (SMBs) use no software when they post their jobs online?  Did you know that most of them still print resumes and keep potential candidates in a file?   CatalystFive changes all of that!

Most SMB’s post their jobs on three to five jobs boards.  They have selected these from the more than 50,000 job boards online.  They will haphazardly choose a regional job board, a niche job board like (techjobs.com) and one of the majors (monster.com, careerbuilder.com and dice.)  In doing so they have spent a few hours creating accounts, adding a job and paying with a credit card, rinse-repeat. In addition to wasting hours of time, the cost is huge at $200 to $400 per job posting per month.  A SMB could spent $1,500 advertising a single position.

After creating software for recruiters for almost 10 years we changed direction. We are a small business that was using our own software to source great candidates very successfully, so why not make a version of our enterprise software to help SMB’s cut costs and improve the process.  So we created CatalystFive  SMB.  We cut the cost of job posting by 75%, our fees including job postings and our amazing software is only $129 a month for most SMBs.

Sign up today for our free trial and start saving time and money!

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